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Offer Valid: 09/14/2023 - 09/13/2024
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Colonial provides Voluntary Benefits to all employees at no cost to the business or the owner. We do not provide primary medical or business insurance or replace any current benefits already in place.

Voluntary benefits allow employees to receive cash payments for each claim to help cover out-of-pocket costs for Health Care, time loss from work, or any additional charges. Our policies include Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Short/Long Term Disability, and many more. There is also a menu of other benefits employees can choose from if they qualify.
Our Dental coverage is through the Delta Network. It is the largest network in the nation and the same network MODA uses. Fortunately, our partnership with Delta allows us to offer better rates than MODA.

The Voluntary Benefits premiums are pre-tax deducted monthly from the employee's check.

Colonial supports employees but supports the business as well. 

The significant difference between Colonial and other companies is we work in teams. While I am the primary contact, the Benefit Counselors help educate and enroll the employee, and the Benefits Coordinator helps with the underwriting process and submitted claims. 

Our team also takes care of the whole process, starting with a meeting with each employee, enrolling each employee, and then submitting documentation to help payroll apply the deductions. 

When we meet with employees one-on-one, we get at least 60- 70% participation. This increase in involvement decreases the payroll taxes owed at the end of the year. 
During any future enrollment periods, you can call us, and we can help with Voluntary, Medical, and any benefits employees can enroll. Then, we send a summary report with each employee's total premiums, business total premiums, and how much saved on payroll taxes. 

Finally, Colonial released Gathr in May, which is a cloud-based HRMS. You may be qualified to use this system at no cost. 

Our district has qualified to offer Platinum-level quotes approving enhanced underwriting concessions and/or supporting lower rates than other Colonial Life Districts. 

I look forward to supporting you, your team, and the Chamber.

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