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50% Off Personnel Training Rate with Active Threat & Violence Preparedness Consultation
Helping Your Business Prepare for the Unthinkable
Active Threat & Violence Preparedness Consultations for Businesses

*** Tualatin Chamber Businesses Receive 50% Off Personnel Training Rate with Active Threat & Violence Preparedness Consultation for Tualatin Chamber of Commerce businesses. ***

From civil unrest and demonstrations that turn violent, to robbery, to neighborhood shootings, to hate crimes and even active shooter mass casualty events, violence of all types is clearly on the rise. CTP is on a mission to help our communities become more resilient and safe.

We take a "Real World" approach to safety, security and training. Most security solutions, especially cameras and alarms, don't actually keep people safe -- they are simply what is reviewed on the news after an even has occurred. Every analysis of violence shows that individual actions before, during and after an event are the primary determining factor in the amount of lives that are saved. Our "Active Shooter & Violence Preparedness" consult emphasizes the human elements of awareness, response, safety, and recovery. It includes the following:

SITE EVALUATION -  We help identify probable event sequences based on your site layout, analyze for areas of vulnerability, and determine potential safe zones, evacuation options, and defensible space.

CUSTOMIZED RESPONSE PLAN -  We help design individualized response plans, tailored to your site layout, resources, critical infrastructure, and staff. Our personalized approach prioritizes staff safety, protection of critical business components, and recovery, ensuring your company gets back into operation as quickly as possible.

EMPLOYEE TRAINING -  We help equip you and your personnel with "real world" skills, in order to mitigate the potential impact of violence through awareness and appropriate actions prior to, during, and after an event.
Offer Valid: June 6, 2017December 31, 2017
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